欢迎华文读者把问题寄给我哦!Email: rachelalama@gmail.com (Last updated: 4/9/2014)

Regarding stamp orders

1. Do you help to customize stamp?

Yes, but sometimes when school is busy and assignments are heavy, then I won’t be able to help. Sorry about that!

2. How many days do you take to reply email?

I try my best to reply you within the day you send your email, but since I am not running DROOL full time, I usually take 3-4 working days to reply. Thank you for your understanding!

3. What is the price range of your rubber stamps?

Rubber stamps come in different designs and sizes, so it is hard to provide an exact quote before I know your requirements. You can fill up the order form under the tab ‘About Customisation’ for a price quotation or email me at rachelalama@gmail.com

4. What is the lead time to make the stamps?

It depends. I will usually state the lead time in the email when you email me for order. Usually takes around 10-15 workings days. (Update 20/2/15: Due to heavy school workload, lead time may be extended for some orders. Please only order if you are okay with the waiting time. Thank you!)


Regarding stamps usage

1. What can stamps be used for?

Scrapbooking projects, prints on fabrics/wood, decorate notebooks, personalized cards, decorate envelopes and many more! Handmade stamp itself makes a special gift!

2. What should I use to clean the stamp after using?

For multi-surface chalk ink pad/ solvent ink pad:

  •  StazOn All-Purpose Cleaner
  •  Grandmother’s Secret Rubber Stamp Cleaner

For water based ink pad:

  • StazOn Stamp cleaner
  • Grandmother’s Secret Rubber Stamp Cleaner
  • DROOL Homemade Stamp Cleanser

3. How to clean the stamp?

Dab gently on the surface of the stamp (Make sure you don’t press too hard) with a piece of damp tissue.

4. Can I remove the ink mark on the rubber after using it?

It is not possible for you to clean it without any ink mark on the stamp. If you use orange colour ink pad and you still see orange colour on your stamp after cleaning, it’s normal and alright!

5. Where can I buy ink pads/ stamp cleanser in Singapore?

Papermarket, Made With Love and Art friend.

Enquires: rachelalama@gmail.com


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