Memories.. ā™„

I have the habit of keeping diaries and notebooks because I want to take down everything that’s going on around me so that I can refer back to them in the years to come. I love to stuck all my movie tickets, polaroids, entry tickets to museums, flyers and receipts in my diaries! Drawing and taking photos can also help to keep memories and all the wonderful times we shared with the people around us, or simply those moments that we’ve been through on our own. One thing that I love about film is that once the moment is being captured; you can’t rewind, you can’t delete. Just the way it is, ‘beautiful’ or not. That’s life, isn’t? But we always discover the beauty in every film photo, even if it is underexposed or overexposed. Life is about discovering the beauty in our everyday life! šŸ™‚



It took me pretty fast to get it done and I’m inspired to make cards using them!

Been brainstorming for lots of ideas for my booth and I hope that by the end of this year I can go back to selling my stamps at MAAD! That’s all for now, thank you for reading! šŸ™‚


Happy Mothers’ Day! 2012


What I really wanna say is…


(Feel free to share the pictures with your friends and mums!)

Gave my mom a surprise this morning by syncing the picture above into her iPad. She was really happy! šŸ™‚ Anyway, hope you’ll spend time with your mummy and truly appreciate them for who they are and all the things they have done for you! Tell them that you love them and continue to love them everyday!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

DROOL wishing you a Blessed Valentine’s Day!Ā ā™„

Valentine’s Day is such a sweet day! šŸ™‚
Wanna thank all my friends for the chocolates, brownies, cards and free hugs!
Your lover is important, but so are your friends! Treasure and love them!

Happy 2012!


Wow, it’s a new year again! Wanted to reflect about some events that happened to my life in 2011, rather personal but I just want to share it with you today.

My birthday last year was a blast because many of my friends and my family celebrated that special day with me, I think i will never forget that day :’)

Sunday School Outing was special to me because that was my first time helping to organise an outing for Sunday School students at my church. Youths at my church also got our place to worship and fellowship so I’m thankful for that šŸ™‚

First time doing a painting project like this and I’m thankful for the opportunity because I met nice friends and also learnt a lot throughout the process.

Cambodia was such an enriching journey. I received more than just entertainment and enjoyment but a lot more. I’m thankful for the trip that widened my perspective. Love the fact that I’m traveling with my family!

My first time joining Fireworks Action @ SOTA. Had a great time bonding with my loved ones!

Also, for those who are close to me will know that my grandpa moved to Heaven last year. That was one of the hardest periods I went through but thank God for taking good care of everything and everyone around me during that period of time. I still pray and tell God that I miss him but I know he’s definitely enjoying the presence of Jesus up there right now!

Sadly, I couldn’t think of anything that took place during September except for exams! It was one of the busiest month of 2011!

Closely followed by Overseas Immersion Programme at Suzhou and Shanghai, it was one of the coolest trip i had with amazing friends! šŸ˜‰ They made the trip so memorable and I wished we could enjoy the trip all over again!

November is definitely one my most fruitful month in 2011 thanks to MAAD 11.11.11 which is a milestone in life for me! ;P

Last Christmas was very very special to me because I spent it with my relatives at Taiwan and enjoyed a happy and wintery Christmas! šŸ˜€ I’ve also passed by many booths with people selling handmade stuff and they were all so gorgeous I couldn’t stop screaming “SO CUTE OMG”! ;DĀ I also travelled around Taiwan and the beautiful landscapes are beyond descriptions :O Went back to Taiwan almost every year but last year was extraordinary for me!


Come to think about 2011, I’ve went through, learnt and grew up a lot. I think that no matter what I do, every single day is special to me.

Yet to come up with 2012 resolutions, perhaps I have too many things to put into considerations and I might have unrealistic plans and stuff like that. So this time I will think and plan harder before I promise myself anything.

May dreams continue to fly high this year for you and me!