Customised stamp for Smiling Bakes




Updates: More wedding stamps

Been neglecting this space for too long people are questioning if this blog is still alive 😛

I’ve been checking this space, just that I didn’t had time to post new stuff! Instagram is much easier so get more updates from me there! Find me @droolstamps 🙂

Anyway, just to share with you guys the 2 wedding stamps I did recently:

1) Shanice’s wedding stamp

2014-04-25 03.04.17 1















Shanice is one of the sweetest customers I came across with! She enjoyed using the stamp and words can’t describe my joy! 🙂


2) Chris’s wedding stamp

2014-05-07 04.09.52 2















Chris’s idea behind the pineapple is simply brilliant and cute! Wishing them a blessed wedding! 🙂


Anyway, if you have not been following my instagram, I am opening up some slots for customizations for May.
Not accepting any orders after May, until further notice! (Tentatively in late July/August)
Will be away for holidays in June and will be really packed with school work when I come back! (I just had to remind myself on the crazy final year.. already dreading it :\)

So… grab the slots now before its too late! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Welcome to share this post!


The Local People x DROOL







I got to know about The Local People through my senior and have the opportunity to consign my stamps on their online shop which was opened earlier today! The rubber stamps on the website are not available on my etsy shop so do purchase from them directly! I also made 2 logo stamps for them and I’m pleased with the outcome. 🙂 Check out their website if you haven’t!

The Local People online store:

Do show your support! Thank you!! 🙂

Custom piano stamps

Sorry for not posting anything for sucha long time! 😦

This is an order I made in Jan but forgot to share them here.
This set of stamps was meant to be a gift for a piano teacher 🙂





Hope you like them and I can’t wait to share more of my work with you!

Till then! 🙂


Finally done with my last order for June before my school starts a new semester!

Added pink mt tape to the sides of the wooden blocks this time.

And a small card to thank my customer!

I’m sorry to people who ordered from me previously and did not get this card! I just got inspired to do this for my customers in future because since this is a handmade store, I might as well deliver my stamps with a sense of personal touch from myself. And I’m really thankful for every single order and customer because they really mean alot to me! :’) I will also be giving out hand-stamped stickers to my future customers who order personally from me 🙂

Thank you everyone! Off to procrastinate about my school stuff! 😉

[Portrait+Name] This One’s For The Girls


The weather here is pretty awesome because it’s summer here but not too hot! So here’s a post for you guys!

This time, I made two stamps for my childhood friends here in Taipei! I took quite a while to get them done but soon realized that they are probably too big and inconvenient to use :C (around 8 x 8 cm) I really like the designs though! HEH.To make it even more personalized, I added the last character of their names beside the portrait C:

This one’s for the younger sister.
She’s cheerful and buoyant so I decided to give her a sunflower!
Bamboo ink pad in beautiful green ♥

This one’s for the older sister.
She’s graceful and coolheaded so I decided to give her a butterfly!
Imperial blue in purplish blue (?) ♥



Anyway… I bought Neko‘s adorable handmade stamps from Taipei!

I only bought two stamps but she gave me stickers and an additional stamp! C’:



Caught infection in my nose and my ears are hurting quite bad :C But I swear that they have the coolest clinic here! The doctor told me that I have water and bubbles in my ears and he actually put this camera thing into my ears and showed them to me! (GASP) Despite the pain, I have lotsa good food so YAYYY! C;

Will share more photos with you soon!