Crafty Workshop @ Gardens By The Bay




Level : Beginners^ Open Class – 1 HOUR

Date : 17 MAR 2013
Time : 2:30 – 3:30PM
Venue : Super Tree Grove, Gardens By The Bay
Instructor: Rachel Ma

Learn the bare essentials of rubber stamp-carving and make your own 5 x 3cm stamp with your name/initials and a garden motif of your choice.

Fee : FREE / pre-registration required.

This community event is sponsored by Gardens By The Bay.

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This workshop is a part of the event Garden Of Youth and I’m so glad to be part of it!
Do join us for a time of craft and good music! 🙂


Workshop: Garden Life


Finally back to blogging after so long! 😉
Gonna share some photos I took with my phone during last Sat’s beginners class!


Melissa very hard at work!



Stacy attempted carving using Speedball rubber block!


The participants were extremely hardworking and engrossed with carving!
I’m really glad to know that they enjoyed the workshop! 🙂




TADA! Their first attempt in making stamps and I would say they did a pretty neat job! 😀

I think one of the reasons why I’m addicted to carving is that it’s not just about the final outcome but also about the process of making! Something we tend to forget while doing the seemingly mundane tasks in life.


We had waffles/coffee/ice cream too~
Always know when to take a break! 😉


Images I prepared for the workshop. The theme was Garden Life!


Messy table as evidence for hard work!

It’s really awesome to spend my saturday with the lovely participants!
Feels great to share my craft with others and I always learn something new after each workshop.
It was a small group but definitely a very rewarding one!
Looking forward to the next workshop and meet new friends 🙂

If you’re interested to learn how to make stamps/ a new craft, follow DROOL on FB for more updates! 🙂

2013 First rubber stamp-making workshop!



When: 23 FEB 2013 Sat (10:00AM – 1:00PM)

Where: The Daily Scoop, Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village)

What: Learn the fundamental techniques of rubber stamp-making.
Based on a new theme of GARDEN LIFE, you will learn the proper way to hold the knife,
to cut the rubber in lines and curves. Includes 1-1 coaching on how to do it right.

Why: You know you want it!

How: Sign up here or read more here!

February is approaching very quickly so sign up before it’s sold out! 😉
Look forward to see you there!

Rubber Stamp-Making Workshop @ Häagen-Dazs

Here’s an update on today’s workshop! 🙂

Due to some changes in the plan, we ended up having our session in Häagen-Dazs instead of Mu Palour.
Thank God that Haagen Dazs was nice to let us conduct our session there and enjoy the christmas songs ♥


This is everyone who came for the workshop! 🙂
Really enjoyed spending my morning with these lovely people!


Carving can get quite labour-intensive! 😉
And everyone was very, very focused!



Talented participant, Cindy! 😉
I was amazed by her acorn like “are you sure this is your first time carving” haha!


Very nice and voluble participant! 😉
She has a nice name but I have no idea how to spell it :\ #Fail


Huimin’s second time carving!
She came up with her own designs and they were really cute! 🙂


The guys were always the first few to finish their stamps! 😛

But really thank you all for your patience! :’)


Crafty area with my Iced hot chocolate haha!

After the workshop, some might find carving even more interesting
and would love to carve more and even move on to the next level.
But others will realize that carving is not really their cup of tea~
I just hope that those who enjoyed it will continue to carve more unique stamps
and those who wanna quit carving enjoyed learning a new skill as well 🙂

Thank God for every opportunity to share my craft with others!

That’s all for today! Peace ✌

Rubber Stamp-making Workshop is BACK!

Hey awesome people!

I’m conducting another workshop at Holland Village organized by The Little Happyshop! 🙂
This time it will be at Mu Palour in Holland Village mall so if you’ve been there before,
you’ll know that its a pretty amazing and cozy place! 😉

This workshop is for beginners so it’s perfectly fine if you’ve never done any carving before!
Based on a new theme of Woodland Creatures,
you will learn the techniques to carve and various methods to print!

To sign up:

1) Email your name and hp tel to
(Payment information will be emailed to you after)

2) Click here, and make payment.

Seats are limited to 7 pax so sign up now!

Click here for more information on this event 🙂

Thank you and hope to see you there!

It’s breakfast time!

I had my first ever rubber stamp-making workshop with The Little Happyshop at The Daily Scoop this morning!

I was really excited on thurs and printed some notes for participants 🙂

So my theme for today’s workshop was Breakfast Time!

Baguette, bagel ham and egg, waffles, sandwich, milk… You pick what you’d like for breakfast! 🙂

The Daily Scoop is an ice cream cafe at Chip Bee Gardens. A pretty quiet and nice area!

I ordered butterscotch ice cream with waffle in between the session! Yumsy!

The Daily Scoop’s boss usually opens the cafe at 11am so today she actually reached earlier just for us! Awww :3

Our little crafty corner!

Participants picked up the skills pretty fast!

For me to carve more complex pictures, it took me more than 3 years.
So to really make a glam stamp, practice is the key to success! (Hahaha)

Last pic… #fail

(That’s my parents at the back. They decided to tag along today~ :D)

Photo credits to my mum except for the last one haha!

Really appreciate the opportunity to share my craft with other crafters!
Even though I was like the kiddo there but they were really nice to me 🙂
The overall experience was great and I hope to share more the next time if I get the chance to!
And thank you Ruth for organizing if you’re reading this! 😀