Pause. Stop. Forward



Finally dragged myself to this space to update something! I know I’ve been keeping this space way too quiet, but it doesnt mean that I have not been preparing anything behind the scenes. Just that I have yet to launch anything for now. Just trying out anything that come into my mind.

Been an emotional roller coaster since Grad Show ended. Though I can’t possibly express all my thoughts here, I thought a short update here will help me to document my progress and growth. And let you, (or I suspect non-existent) readers to know that I’m alive.

But seriously.

Everyday I’m trying to juggle in between putting up new things for Drool Stamps and dealing with my own issues. Please be patient with me! Since FYP ended, I have been thinking about transforming this space and Drool Stamps into a better, more professional label. But I’m still at the stage of trying to figure things out, and to be very honest, I’m facing many challenges and a part of me got very discouraged. If you are reading this, a big THANK YOU to you! Please continue to show me your support. I am still holding on to the faith that things only get better.

Till the next update!


Beary Happy New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Been really long since I last updated this space, which I admit is super hard to keep up with! Anyway, sorry for disappearing, I can’t wait to be back to share more exciting things that I’ve been planning for the longest time– which is joining both my stamps and illustration works into one shared space!

That includes lots of planning and producing.. so please be patient with me and look forward to the space! 🙂

More updates to come!

Customization 2014 closed.



Thank you all for being so supportive the past one month with all the orders and kind words! Thoroughly enjoyed making each stamp and I can’t wait to be back with more designs and reopening my etsy shop!

Customization will be closed until January as I will be away from Singapore in the next few weeks. Will update and summarize my year 2014 on this space when I’m back!


Updates: More wedding stamps

Been neglecting this space for too long people are questioning if this blog is still alive 😛

I’ve been checking this space, just that I didn’t had time to post new stuff! Instagram is much easier so get more updates from me there! Find me @droolstamps 🙂

Anyway, just to share with you guys the 2 wedding stamps I did recently:

1) Shanice’s wedding stamp

2014-04-25 03.04.17 1















Shanice is one of the sweetest customers I came across with! She enjoyed using the stamp and words can’t describe my joy! 🙂


2) Chris’s wedding stamp

2014-05-07 04.09.52 2















Chris’s idea behind the pineapple is simply brilliant and cute! Wishing them a blessed wedding! 🙂


Anyway, if you have not been following my instagram, I am opening up some slots for customizations for May.
Not accepting any orders after May, until further notice! (Tentatively in late July/August)
Will be away for holidays in June and will be really packed with school work when I come back! (I just had to remind myself on the crazy final year.. already dreading it :\)

So… grab the slots now before its too late! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Welcome to share this post!


The Local People x DROOL







I got to know about The Local People through my senior and have the opportunity to consign my stamps on their online shop which was opened earlier today! The rubber stamps on the website are not available on my etsy shop so do purchase from them directly! I also made 2 logo stamps for them and I’m pleased with the outcome. 🙂 Check out their website if you haven’t!

The Local People online store:

Do show your support! Thank you!! 🙂

Etsy shop is up!

My Etsy shop is finally up after 2 months of preparation!

My Etsy url:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.30.51 PM

Opened on the 28 June, 2013!
Yes, I’m a very, very new! So please support by spreading the news, favourite my shop/listings… anything. I’ll greatly appreciate your love! 🙂





Plant collection is also up on my Etsy too! Go to my shop to see the whole collection! 100% handcarved with passion, sweat and blood!


Every order made from the month of June 2013 to September 2013 will come with a FREE unmounted 1x1cm DROOL handmade stamp and 2 handprinted gift tags.


So do drop by! Thank you!

Please come and visit my etsy shop here 🙂