About Drool Stamps


Hello! I am Rachel, the owner of Drool Stamps, an illustrator and rubber stamp designer. I made my first rubber stamp in secondary school and ever since then, my hands never stopped making.

I started Drool Stamps in 2011 as a creative platform to share my handmade rubber stamps with designs inspired by zakka, nature and daily life. I love to use rubber stamps and illustrations to tell stories, reflect my faith and bring joy to people.

For customisations/orders/collaborations, simply drop me an email at rachelalama@gmail.com

Based in Singapore.

Check out “FAQs” for more details!


哈咯! 我是Drool Stamps的主人翁Rachel, 目前也是一位主修插画的全职学生。2011年创立Drool Stamps是为了要分享我橡皮章的创作跟想法, 至今有在接定制手工橡皮章, 教学和摆市级贩售我的创作。我的灵感主要来自于日式杂货, 大自然和生活重启发我创意的点点滴滴。我希望可以一直创作, 不断的有新的尝试, 也欢迎你陪我一起做这个创作梦!

請有兴趣合作/购买印章/客制化橡皮章的朋友, 透过email聯絡我:rachelalama@gmail.com



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