Pause. Stop. Forward



Finally dragged myself to this space to update something! I know I’ve been keeping this space way too quiet, but it doesnt mean that I have not been preparing anything behind the scenes. Just that I have yet to launch anything for now. Just trying out anything that come into my mind.

Been an emotional roller coaster since Grad Show ended. Though I can’t possibly express all my thoughts here, I thought a short update here will help me to document my progress and growth. And let you, (or I suspect non-existent) readers to know that I’m alive.

But seriously.

Everyday I’m trying to juggle in between putting up new things for Drool Stamps and dealing with my own issues. Please be patient with me! Since FYP ended, I have been thinking about transforming this space and Drool Stamps into a better, more professional label. But I’m still at the stage of trying to figure things out, and to be very honest, I’m facing many challenges and a part of me got very discouraged. If you are reading this, a big THANK YOU to you! Please continue to show me your support. I am still holding on to the faith that things only get better.

Till the next update!


2 thoughts on “Pause. Stop. Forward

  1. Jia you! Is not easy but you know you are not aloen.

    Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
    Psalm 55:22

    • Dear Faith,

      Thank you for your encouragement on this rather outdated post!
      I really really appreciate it 🙂
      Indeed, God has sustained me thus far! And moulding my character above any other achievements because it’s always more important to be marked by God than to be marketed by men. I’ve come a long way learning this!


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