2012 Year Review!


Okay! Decided to review some of the tiny things that happened in 2012 for me!

2012 Year Review:





This year has been the toughest year throughout my high school life
and I’ve been through so much emotions, dilemmas, struggles and decision making
which I can’t simply put them into this year’s timeline.
But through all the teeny tiny experiences I grew to be stronger, wiser and more courageous!
Nevertheless, God blessed me with angels, strength, breakthroughs, comfort, hope and
opportunities that gave me a clearer picture of whatever that I’ve went through!
His plans and ways are definitely greater and higher!

Thank you for everyone who lent me a helping hand,
gave me a smile,
gave me a pat on the shoulder,
message me words of encouragement,
stood by me when I need support,
prayed for me when I was lost for direction,
made me laugh and cry
gave me a hug and said everything’s gonna be fine!
Many many more…. Thank you, thank you.

I won’t be who I am right now without You and people who supported me,
I won’t be making the decision I’ve made and be proud of myself.

I’m ever so thankful for the simple things in life
which I will treasure for life and I continue to look forward to many many
more beautiful and exciting things in my life!

“You don’t need to know what tomorrow holds; all you need to know is the One who holds tomorrow.” – Joyce Meyer



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