The Moon Forgets

This boy and ball looking image is taken out from the book 月亮忘記了(The Moon Forgets)
written by my favourite author Jimmy Liao!
The image is taken out from the book’s cover page and it’s a boy leaning on the moon ❤

This stamp is a tribute to Jimmy Liao cos he has been such an inspiration
to me for many years and his works are just amazing!

If you like illustrations and picture books, go read his books!!

This book is given to me by a very dear friend of mine in Taiwan and since then I fell in love with
his illustration and I’ve counted, I have 17 books written by him in my entire books collection :O Sucha fan right!

I love how the lines turned out so nicely and I even wrote a card for him to encourage him to keep writing! 😉

Yay I finally got to see him in person during Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) and I was really really inspired by him!

After his talk I grabbed the opportunity to ask him a question and he could recognize me during the autograph session heh~

A very humble and creative guy, really lucky to meet someone I longed to meet!


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