Pink Cottages

Recently I’m very fascinated by the different shapes and sizes of houses and cottages.
I like to manipulate the position of the windows and doors to look like what I want it to be 🙂
This is just a sneak preview of the entire series that I plan to come up with!

This is inspired by european shops and restaurants!
With an awning and 2 small windows 😉

A rather quirky roof haha!
It looks perfectly sweet and simple to me and I’m in love with small windows!

Can even use this to make my own pattern!
I like pink rubber stamp with purple VersaMagic!

Group photo 😛

And I tried making a paper house few days ago using a template I downloaded online!

Firstly I printed the template on a piece of construction paper for a more substantial and durable end product.

Just cut along the solid lines and fold the dotted lines!


With a very flimsy roof haha! Will tell you why…

Cos I didn’t want to use double sided tape to stick down the roof so I can still
lift it up anytime and use it as a gift box for my stamps!

So I tried using magnets but since they didn’t stick well, I gave up!

Not a bad thing to give up!
At least I tried and now I can think of other alternatives 😉


Shall just use it as a decoration hehe 🙂

I’m off!


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