It’s breakfast time!

I had my first ever rubber stamp-making workshop with The Little Happyshop at The Daily Scoop this morning!

I was really excited on thurs and printed some notes for participants 🙂

So my theme for today’s workshop was Breakfast Time!

Baguette, bagel ham and egg, waffles, sandwich, milk… You pick what you’d like for breakfast! 🙂

The Daily Scoop is an ice cream cafe at Chip Bee Gardens. A pretty quiet and nice area!

I ordered butterscotch ice cream with waffle in between the session! Yumsy!

The Daily Scoop’s boss usually opens the cafe at 11am so today she actually reached earlier just for us! Awww :3

Our little crafty corner!

Participants picked up the skills pretty fast!

For me to carve more complex pictures, it took me more than 3 years.
So to really make a glam stamp, practice is the key to success! (Hahaha)

Last pic… #fail

(That’s my parents at the back. They decided to tag along today~ :D)

Photo credits to my mum except for the last one haha!

Really appreciate the opportunity to share my craft with other crafters!
Even though I was like the kiddo there but they were really nice to me 🙂
The overall experience was great and I hope to share more the next time if I get the chance to!
And thank you Ruth for organizing if you’re reading this! 😀


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