[Portrait+Name] This One’s For The Girls


The weather here is pretty awesome because it’s summer here but not too hot! So here’s a post for you guys!

This time, I made two stamps for my childhood friends here in Taipei! I took quite a while to get them done but soon realized that they are probably too big and inconvenient to use :C (around 8 x 8 cm) I really like the designs though! HEH.To make it even more personalized, I added the last character of their names beside the portrait C:

This one’s for the younger sister.
She’s cheerful and buoyant so I decided to give her a sunflower!
Bamboo ink pad in beautiful green ♥

This one’s for the older sister.
She’s graceful and coolheaded so I decided to give her a butterfly!
Imperial blue in purplish blue (?) ♥



Anyway… I bought Neko‘s adorable handmade stamps from Taipei!

I only bought two stamps but she gave me stickers and an additional stamp! C’:



Caught infection in my nose and my ears are hurting quite bad :C But I swear that they have the coolest clinic here! The doctor told me that I have water and bubbles in my ears and he actually put this camera thing into my ears and showed them to me! (GASP) Despite the pain, I have lotsa good food so YAYYY! C;

Will share more photos with you soon!


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