A blessing, a postcard (Part 1)

Last week I participated in Mia‘s postcard exchange and here to share with you the postcard that I sent to her! Will mention her postcard in part 2 once she replies! 😉 I used my favourite feather stamp and matched it with Mia’s favourite green ink pad!

A lot of freedom given to me on how to decorate my postcard for her, the only criteria is to include a handmade stamp from one of her images in her book. You can get her book from Orchard’s Kinokuniya if you are in Singapore, it’s definitely worth it if you’d like to try out how to make stamps! I have horrible handwriting and I don’t know how to write in traditional chinese.. Hope she don’t mind :/

Will share with you another stamp I made from Mia’s book in the next post! 🙂


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