Beautiful footprints

Something that got me really into when I was traveling around Taiwan is their stamp at touristy places! They all have different designs for visitors to use when they drop by for sightseeing! Too bad I only got a few of them because i always missed the opportunity to stamp because people will usually flock into places to get those stamps stamped while I am still strolling at the back hoping to take a couple of nice shots.

Here are some of the prints:


These are from Buluowan Recreation Area!
That place is unforgettable because it’s too beautiful!

I love this adorable birdie!

Not sure if the building in the picture is the logo but this is from Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center! We stayed overnight there and it’s a cosy place for youth! 🙂

TADA!! Here you go a special one…
One Piece character stamp from Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village!

It’s like a theme park and One Piece is just a temporary theme introduced into a section of the park! More on the theme park soon! 🙂


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