Dazzling ♦

Merry Christmas all! ;P

Okay, a little late but I’m definitely still in a Christmas-y mood! 😉 Christmas was so good this year with my cousins and aunt, except the fact that I missed out sissy and parents in celebration of Jesus’ birthday!

So now i’m gonna introduce you this awesome place in Taipei here, where we spent lots of time together yesterday eating and talking!

Here you go:


The shop looks really princessy and classy with it’s pink and white elements ♥

So, we were asked to wait for our turn, supposedly for 2 hours or so (due to limited sits but we went there with determination that we HAVE TO EAT THEIR HONEY TOAST because most online reviews on this shop gave it 5 stars!) but thankfully we waited for less than an hour (or for an hour) and we got our sits! YAY YAY YAY!

Dazzling cooperates with Xperia (Sony Ericsson phone) and came up with dazzling phone casings! They also have designs for iPhone!

Everyone had to order at least a drink each so I got myself Caramel Macchiato 😀

Evan’s iced apple tea!

Angela’s tropical fruits tea! (REALLY GOOD)

Evan’s “Party In Your Mouth” honey toast!
We were still joking about the fact that he got himself such a pretty pinkish toast! 😛
And did you see “Xperia” on the chocolate? 😀

My blueberry honey toast! (Can’t remember the name for it)

Angela got herself chocolate honey toast while my aunt got a strawberry one 🙂

So this is how I feel about honey toast:

Honey toast is their signature dish and the taste is interesting if you follow the right procedure to consume it (the waitress will teach you how). So basically it’s just combining the warm toasted bread with ice cream which tasted really good! (Sorry I’m not a food blogger and I can’t describe the awesomeness of it). Even though it’s not super special but the way they handle the toast and the way they serve it is very creative! 😀 I had a share myself (around 7 plus without dinner) and I felt super stuffed! :X

So a good suggestion will be… have someone to share it with you!!! (Strongly recommend 2-3 to share 1 Honey toast)

That’s about it for today! More to share on Taiwan trip! 😉


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