When I’m happy I don’t just clap my hands ;)

(Photo credit: Cookie Cutter)

Hi guys, sorry for not updating regularly this month! 😦

As you know, December is always one of the busiest month of the year and nonetheless for 2011! I’m still right here in Taipei enjoying winter and rain. Caught lazy bugs and don’t feel like doing anything except to eat and sleep… Hopeless. HAHA.

Carving tools’ been resting in my luggage cos I’m too lazy to take them out for some carving until yesterday when I wanted to carve a name stamp for a friend. Finally done with that huge stamp… satisfied! πŸ™‚

It always heartens me to carve more stamps whenever someone make something beautiful with DROOL stamp. It’s just so encouraging πŸ™‚ Thus no matter how busy, lazy or tired I will be, I just want to use my stamps to cheer up somebody’s day!

Thank you Sandy from Cookie Cutter for using DROOL stamp for her beautiful festive card!

Gonna upload what I’ve carved soon. Come back soon!



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