My Neighbour Totoro

Hello All!

I believe many of you have watched ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ before, a popular animation by Miyazaki Hayao 🙂 If not… go watch it nowwww! I think Totoro is so amazingly adorable so I decided to carve a Totoro stamp!

(Image taken from: Me-On-Scenes)

In the movie, Totoro is like this loyal, faithful and loving friend! I wish I always have someone like Totoro around me! 😉 (Uh, yes I do have a few, thankfully.)

I really love all Miyazaki Hayao’s animations because they are always so inspiring and beautiful! Hope to carve a few more characters from his animations soon! (If i’m not too lazy and have time )

So this is how it looks like on white paper!  I used Versa Color 82 Black for the ink and grey Mildliner to colour 🙂 Anyway… I think my Totoro is not chubby enough!

Haha I’m so obsessed with Totoro now and I’m hunting for Totoro stuff! I wish to get the Totoro plushie but it’s kinda expensive and not very huggable :/ I got myself a handmade Totoro charm though! Can’t wait to get it by the end of this year! (Y)

That’s all for today! I hope you like my Totoro stamp!


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