Hi All! 

Wanted to share with you more about my 11.11.11 at MAAD cos it has been such a great experience for me and my friend Liyan (aka Highlight)! Thank God for the weather on that day.. the rain stopped before the event started! 😀

(Photo credit: MAAD)

So this is me and my booth, looking retarded but reallyy happy! My first experience of setting up a booth, from planning to execution, which took a lot of my time but all worth it! I was punctual that day but I guess i took quite a long time to set up so i need to be there earlier the next time! (see i learnt something again!)

(Photo credit: Ching Yi)

Still going to put this up even though i looks like a turtle 🙂

Thanks Chingyi for the photo! (The one in the middle) And that’s creative Liyan at the right side +her booth with beautiful accessories!


It was a VERY fast day as the event ended in a blink of an eye (or so I thought)! Love the crowd even though i’m expecting more (or maybe i’m expecting way too much) but overall I’m happy with my sales and the crowd who asked me about customizations! 🙂

It’s funny to know that some people didn’t pick up my ‘name cards’ because they are ‘name tags’ and they thought that i was selling them as bookmarks xD

I’m also very happy to have met Cookie Cutter, who came over to my booth, passed me her name card and bought a stamp from me!! Been reading her blog and actually got to see her in person! Totally feeling like i’ve met a celebrity or something (anyway she looks gorgeous) 😛

Lastly, thanks a million to MAAD for the opportunity and feeling like a real entrepreneur for once! 😉
Thank you to all who approached me, talked to me and also those customers who bought my stamps!!
So thankful and blessed to be a MAADster that day and looking forward for the next time!
P.S Won’t be able to joined MAAD in Dec because I’ll be away to Taiwan so hoping for Jan if school’s not too busy!
Oh, and if you like my stamps/ DROOL… Please do ‘Like’ DROOL’s Facebook page, thank you very much!
That’s all for todayy.. thank you once again for reading! Sleepy time now! 🙂

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