Always wanted to own a blog like this where I can share process of making my crafts, stamps, etc. I can’t wait to share with the world my works and interact with you people who are reading my blog now! Btw, this is not official yet because I’ve got much much more stuffs to load it in here!

Do enjoy your stay here! DROOL WELCOME YOU! 😀


4 thoughts on “DROOL IS HERE!

  1. Hi Drool:)
    I got to know about your website from WQ. I find that it’s a brave attempt at exposing your creativity and innovative efforts. The stamps are lovely and I must say they rival those from TYPO@CottonOn. Keep it up and do let me know once you start selling them.

    An Goh

  2. Hi Drool,
    I may be having a booth in town on 1st oct. if you wish to consign some of your stamps, do let Weiqi know ya. Will be glad to help you promote your lovely stamps:)

    Cheers, An

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